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“Delhi street vendors food tour”
This is a great chance to sample the very rich regional cuisine. Additionally, we enjoyed the glimpses to daily life in sections od Delhi that are not easily accessible to tourists. We had a great time and the guide and experience were superb. We highly recommend the tour to those interested in cuisine and culture.
Visited March 2016
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“Best day in Delhi”

Venturing where every travel book warns not to go.. back alleys eating fresh fruit and other street food… was awesome. Mr Rajeev Dalhoy himself took us and three other guests around for the day. The tour consisted of a ride in the car to Old Delhi. Starting off at a 1910-established eatery we time-traveled through the history of Delhi through delicious curries, sweets, breads, ice cream and other delights.

We took rickshaws to get around the bustling crowded streets on a busy Monday afternoon, all the while accompanied my Raj and his wife who were always at the ready with wet wipes, hand sanitiser and mineral water.

I could recommend this tour and this company to anybody visiting India. Rajeev also gave us fantastic recommendations for the rest of our trip in India.

We also did not see a single other tourist for the whole day.

Don’t think twice – book this tour today!
Zani M
Visited September 2016
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