A street photography tour in India


504 Gateway Time-out


Foreign tourists visiting India to explore food culture


As per the discussion with Rajeev Goyal a Chef, Traveler and Co-Founder of India Food Tour , Food Tour in India by them is an attempt to promote Indian food and culture to tourists looking for a way to have the real India experience, as per him after traveling around the globe he discovered that people across the ocean really want to explore the food & culture of India, so he majority focus is to provide tourists with an affordable tour to explore the Delhi’s and India cuisine’s and culture in most authentic and safe way.
from India Food Tour http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1153097

Walking for the love of food around Delhi’s heritage sites


Food walks by India Food Tour are featured on The Sunday Guardian

Tour of Delhi with a Chef

Different and interesting from other food walks, this special food walk is led by a chef. A food tour of Delhi with a local chef Rajeev, will provide you with an insider’s view of the city’s food culture, food joints, kitchens and related businesses.

from India Food Tour http://www.sundayguardianlive.com/fashion/7987-walking-love-food-around-delhi-s-heritage-sites

Let’s Go on a Delhi Walking Food Tour – Gourmet Getaways


Let’s Go on a Delhi Walking Food Tour
Our guide for the day was Jaidev who took us to our first food stop. It was at an unassuming restaurant that we were told had been operating for more than 100 years. They were breakfast and most people were enjoy puri with various curries. Puri is a deep fried bread which puffs up whilst been cooked. The puffy shell is crisp and hollow leaving the centre free for a sweet or savoury filling.

The picture above shows our mini banquet. It consisted of a potato curry, vegetable stuffed pastries which were a lot like a samosa, tamarind sauce and a sweet nagori halwa inside a mini puri. Everything tasted fabulous! Even the children ate well. Lachlan doesn’t like hot curries and although the potato curry had a little warmth he enjoyed the taste. We were enjoying all the dishes when our guide warned us that we would need to pace ourselves.
from India Food Tour http://www.gourmetgetaways.com.au/lets-go-delhi-walking-food-tour/

A walk through India’s culinary delights



Mike Sorsyth and his wife Rachel are learning the art of cooking ‘aloo jeera’ at the Dwarka house of Rajeev Goyal, their cooking instructor.

Goyal guides the couple as they struggle with the amount of turmeric to be used. The next lesson, due in half an hour, is in the preparation of bhindi (ladies’ finger).

The Sorsyths are part of a group of foreign tourists who are at Goyals’s house to learn traditional Indian cooking. “We have always considered India as a culinary heaven and relished Indian dishes. We wanted to learn how food is cooked at Indian homes,” said Mike. “Learning to cook traditional Indian dishes was an important part of our India trip. We are going back with lots of spices so that we try out Indian dishes back home,” said Rachel, his wife.
from India Food Tour http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/a-walk-through-india-s-culinary-delights/story-uI85wKEk0GlWaeJOcDoiCP.html

An Evening with Indian Food Tours



Following a successful day of shopping we went on a food tour in the evening with Indian Food Tours in Delhi.

Our guide was Jaidev, a very knowledgable guy who knew so much about Delhi’s history and took us to food establishments we would have never otherwise found.

Due to the amount of food we consumed our tour only lasted a few hours. True to word we arrived back at the hotel with full tummies and happy faces. Jaidev was a very kind and informative guide, we enjoyed learning about Old Delhi and tasting true Indian food from vendors we would have never found. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to enjoy and learn about Delhi’s foodie culture.
from India Food Tour http://travelsleeprepeat.me.uk/an-evening-with-indian-food-tours/