Wild Edible Plants of Thar Desert


Wild Edible Plants of Thar Desert


Rajasthan desert is part of Thar desert of NW India covering the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat & Haryana. Total area of desert is 3.21 lac sq.kms. This is essentially sandy desert with few stony areas in between, but 61% of desert area is covered in state of Rajasthan. In the non-rainy days desert presents a very boring view to an onlooker. But come rains and it livens up with greenery immediately after rains and in winter.
Desert Plants- Most of them are from xerophytes group comprising shrubs, thorny bushes, trees, creepers, herbs etc. Scientific studies have reported 682 plant species representing 352 genera, out of which 136 are said to have some economic importance or
nutritional values. These properties were identified by inhabitants’ centuries ago. The parts of such plants were initially used for survival, later on found their way to local kitchens. Now some of edible plants of desert have entered the menu cards of many star category hotels. Brief description is given below.
1/- Kair- Capparis deciduas- it has small berry like fruits having bitter taste. Used as vegetables or for making pickles. Before its use it is soaked in a solution of buttermilk and salt to remove bitterness. Also, useful for diabetic patients.
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10 Reasons to Spend Two Weeks in India – Robert J. Richey



India may be the most colorful country in the world. Textile shops, pedal-rickshaws, spice markets, flowers, lakes, and Tequila Sunrise mornings paint the backdrop for unmatched photographic diversity. India’s people are just as colorful as their home and normally accommodate the wannabe photojournalist with sometimes fun and often serious poses. Photo opportunities are everywhere in India; however, while in Delhi try Delhi Photo Tour, an excellent resource for a behind the scenes look at a city with no shortage of hidden gems
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