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Old Delhi Photo Tour

Old Delhi area which includes iconic locations like Red Fort, Chandani Chowk, Chawadi bazaar, Spice market is the best place to cover the crowds, bazaars, food and mind mindbogglingly diversity of Delhi city. The old mansions (havelis), bazaars, colourful shops, thousands of people, temples, mosques, chaotic yet working traffic and more is unlike everything you will experience anywhere. Photographers there love capturing the daily lives of people and soul stirring sights which seems so quaint and out of reality in a modern metro city like Delhi. The sights of shops in Old Delhi which are a mix of new businesses and old traditions is hard to find anywhere else. Ride rickshaws, walk on foot, take some great photographs of everything in this fast paced street photography tour of Old Delhi.


DURATION: 5 hours

PLACES COVERED: Chandani Chowk, Chawadi Bazaar, Spice Market,, Sheesh Ganj Sahib Gurudwara, Kinari Bazar, Paranthe Waali Gali, Kucha Pati Ram and a few others, all in Old Delhi.

COST: INR 5000 for one guest. INR 3500 for each additional guest.

TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi.

OPTIONAL: Add street food tasting and 1 meal for INR 1500 for each guest.

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Tourism in India during monsoon season

Contrary to prevalent opinion, traveling in India during rainy monsoon season can be fun and cheap. Some people advise against it due to factors like blocked roads, unreliable weather etc. An unexpected flood or landslide can upset planned travel itinerary. Inspite of all this traveling in India during monsoons can be advantageous in a number of ways. One being tourists getting good discounts on high-expense factors like air fares, hotels. They can also enjoy their sightseeing in relative peace as peak season tourist crowds are absent.

Let us explain a little about monsoons in India before going any further.

India is a a huge country and is rightly classified as a sub-continent due to it’s size as well as the large diversity it enjoys in form of different landscapes and weather. You can find cold snow covered Himalayan mountains in north, evergreen tropical forests in east, hot Thar deserts in west,, temperate coasts in south and more. All of these all provide tourists with large varieties of options and time periods in which to travel across the country. Actually there is no definite or set time to for tourists to visit India. Different regions in India have different peak-seasons for tourists. Writing about it wil need another article by itself.

Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, khajuraho, Monsoon tourism
Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, India

Monsoon is the rainy season of Indian sub-continent which lasts from June to September in different regions. It reaches southern parts of India in early June and travels northwards over the next few months. Northern India receives first monsoon showers in late June or early July. Not every region in India experiences equal monsoon rainfall or at same time period. All of them have different experiences with monsoon rains. Monsoon rains play a very important role in economy and lives of everyone in the sub-continent.

Arrival of monsoon rains marks the end of hot and dusty Indian summers and makes the weather cool and surroundings greener and beautiful. Indian people in general love rains and it’s a common sight to see them enjoying the rainfall by getting soaked in the rain showers. Chai ( type of milky Indian tea) and hot Pakoda (a fried salty snack) are popular snacks during this season.

Here are some ways for tourists to enjoy rainy monsoon season in India

Monsoon tourism in India

1) New greenery and cool, pleasant weather

Everything becomes doubly beautiful during monsoons in India. The weather is much more pleasant, cool breezes blow almost all day long and the surroundings are covered with lush new greenery. All of this is a relaxing sight for sore eyes . Many places in India, like Kerala, Western Ghats parts of eastern and central India are even more beautiful during monsoons due to clouds and greenery. A lot of rivers are in full flow and this makes for very beautiful and gushing waterfalls.

2) Diverse weather conditions, landscapes and customised travel plans

Due to varied landscapes and weather in different regions, tourists in India can plan their journey all year round. Tourism in India is not bound to dates in a calendar or weather reports to plan and enjoy the journey. Monsoon tourism is just another part of traveling in India.

3) Great discounts in hotels, airlines and other businesses due to lean season

A lot of airlines and hotels offer very good discounts even without asking during monsoons due to lean season. It can really decrease your travel expenses by a large margin. As majority of tourists prefer to stay indoors during rains, tourist activity is much less and you can enjoy your travel in comparative peace and leisure.

4) Cleansing rains

Many people believe that rains of monsoons are have a cleansing effect on everything. Pollution due to smoke and dust particles is very low and people are in general feel more comfortable in cooler weather. Ayurvedic detoxification treatments are one of the major attractions of monsoon tourism in India. Many herbs used in certain ayurvedic practices grow during monsoons and the rains seem to have a good effect on efficacy of certain plants.

Precautions for Monsoon tourism

Here are some basic precautions that the tourists should observe while traveling in India during monsoons:

1) Plan road trips carefully

Mountainous regions are more prone to random road blockages due to landslides, flash floods etc during rainy season. Plans your road trips only after taking these factors in to count.

2) Be safe with drinking water

Don’t drink tap water or from untrusted sources like lakes and rivers during rainy season. Always drink bottled or filtered water.

3) Be wary of bugs

Bugs and other small critters like mosquitoes, flies and even snakes can be a nuisance during rainy season. Keep a bug spray or insect repellant handy and be careful

4) Wild life parks are closed

Almost every national park and wild-life area is closed for tourists during monsoons. So if you want to do a jungle safari or a similar adventure, confirm the availability in advance.

That’s about everything that we have to say about monsoon tourism in India for now. We sincerely hope that this article may prove to be of some use for tourists visiting India during monsoons as well as other times. Please feel free to contact India Food Tour for feedback or more information, help in planning your trip to India..

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Photo Walk Of Taj Mahal | Photography Tour in Delhi


Photo Walk Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal trip is once in a life time kind of journey and the memories of must stay fresh forever. Even in the days of selfies, selfie sticks and easy to use cameras, there is still nothing better than someone else, preferably a photographer taking your picture in front of Taj Mahal. A photo tour of Taj Mahal with a professional photographer helps you do exactly this as well as enjoy every moment your Agra visit without having to worry about how to get the perfect photograph which you can share with family and friends back home. You can just focus on enjoying beauty of the Taj Mahal among other places as the guides helps you get acquainted with the ancient history and intricate details while the photographer takes professional quality pictures. All of these photo walks in Agra are private to ensure personal touch and maximum customisation.
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Adventure Sports in Rishikesh

Activity Details:

TRANSPORT : If needed, In private or shared car with driver,
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Minimum age: 12 years. Minimum and Maximum weight: 20 kg to 130 kg.
ACTIVITIES: Bungee jumping, Zip lining (Flying Fox),, Swing jump.
DURATION: Variable
COST: From INR 2500 onwards ( US $ 42)
If you are fond of adventure sports and you enter Rishikesh, you cannot miss out this opportunity to trying out various adventure sports like Bungee jumping. Here, we take your to a 80 meters high platform and secure you thoroughly with a harness and elastic ropes. You are then made to jump from the height. The elastic ropes are harnessed in order to make the fall easier and gradual for you and to avoid jerks.. The sensation of the free fall is simply fantastic. Get rid of your fears and enjoy this and other spine chilling adventure activities such as zip lining and swing. You can go for them alone or with company. We provide you with a video and pictures of you during the adventure sport along with a certificate.

Rishikesh Bungee jumping

Being the most popular of all adventure activities, we have set this up in collaboration with experts from New Zealand. We typically carry this activity out over a small rivulet of the river Ganga having 0.5 to a meter of water on almost all days. Once the activity is over, you are lowered in the river and helped to take out your harness.

Zip Lining in Rishikesh

We use the same place to carry out Zip lining and over the two banks of the Ganga river. The harness is fitted at a height of 7 meters approximately on one side and you will roll under the gravitational force. Your vision is blurred as you reach a speed of 160 km. Typically carried out by 3 persons consecutively, you can opt to do it alone with some small additional cost.

Swing Jumping in Rishikesh

The same platform used for Bungee jumping is used for Swing jumping. A chest harness secures you well as you jump from the platform. Once the fall is initialized , the ropes will make you swing like a pendulum with the river beneath you , about 10 meters above the forest. As you complete the activity, you are lowered into the river which is quite shallow . Again this activity can be performed with company or alone


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Photo Tour of Old Delhi with Street Food Tasting – New Delhi | Viator


Photo Tour of Old Delhi with Street Food Tasting http://www.viator.com/tours/New-Delhi/Photo-Tour-of-Old-Delhi-with-Street-Food-Tasting/d804-10923P6 A photography tour in Old Delhi which helps you discover the charms of this ancient and lively place. All you need to carry is your camera and we will take care of the rest. “Delhi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. Old Delhi includes a number of world famous sights Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Chawadi bazaar, Spice market and a few more. Due to all the history, people, markets and vibe, this is a great location to discover the old world charm of India and specially Delhi city.
This photo tour through this area helps you photograph some of the iconic landmarks as well as lesser known corners of this part of city and also provide a refreshing insight in to the lives of people closely entwined with the older traditions. The guests walk through centuries old bazaars, see some old havelis (mansions), interact with local people going about their daily lives and taste some great local food.” #foodwalk #foodtours #india #food #delhi
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Photo Tour of Delhi Monuments – New Delhi | Viator


Photo Tour of Delhi Monuments http://www.viator.com/tours/New-Delhi/Photo-Tour-of-Delhi-Monuments/d804-10923P5
A Photography Tour of Monuments of Delhi which helps you take great pictures of major landmarks of city. It is a great choice for casual visitors as well as professional photographers who wish to have more than just normal sightseeing tours.

This photography tour is a great way of sightseeing major monuments in New Delhi city and capturing some beautiful sights in your camera. In this photo tour, the photography guide takes you to some must see monuments and places listed below and helps you explore each one with your camera. This photo tour is suitable for all kind of photographers, professionals, learners as well as casual photographers who wish to have great pictures of the places they are visiting. The photography guide takes the guests to places from where to get perfect shots. You can also ask the guide to take your pictures so that you can just focus on enjoying the place instead of taking pictures yourself.
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