Let’s Go on a Delhi Walking Food Tour – Gourmet Getaways


Let’s Go on a Delhi Walking Food Tour
Our guide for the day was Jaidev who took us to our first food stop. It was at an unassuming restaurant that we were told had been operating for more than 100 years. They were breakfast and most people were enjoy puri with various curries. Puri is a deep fried bread which puffs up whilst been cooked. The puffy shell is crisp and hollow leaving the centre free for a sweet or savoury filling.

The picture above shows our mini banquet. It consisted of a potato curry, vegetable stuffed pastries which were a lot like a samosa, tamarind sauce and a sweet nagori halwa inside a mini puri. Everything tasted fabulous! Even the children ate well. Lachlan doesn’t like hot curries and although the potato curry had a little warmth he enjoyed the taste. We were enjoying all the dishes when our guide warned us that we would need to pace ourselves.
from India Food Tour http://www.gourmetgetaways.com.au/lets-go-delhi-walking-food-tour/

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