A walk through India’s culinary delights



Mike Sorsyth and his wife Rachel are learning the art of cooking ‘aloo jeera’ at the Dwarka house of Rajeev Goyal, their cooking instructor.

Goyal guides the couple as they struggle with the amount of turmeric to be used. The next lesson, due in half an hour, is in the preparation of bhindi (ladies’ finger).

The Sorsyths are part of a group of foreign tourists who are at Goyals’s house to learn traditional Indian cooking. “We have always considered India as a culinary heaven and relished Indian dishes. We wanted to learn how food is cooked at Indian homes,” said Mike. “Learning to cook traditional Indian dishes was an important part of our India trip. We are going back with lots of spices so that we try out Indian dishes back home,” said Rachel, his wife.
from India Food Tour http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/a-walk-through-india-s-culinary-delights/story-uI85wKEk0GlWaeJOcDoiCP.html

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