Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi


““Much better than we expected” Among all the things we did and saw during our vacation in India, this tour has a special place not only due to the quality of service but also the overall experience. We had read the reviews and expected the tour to be good. But it was much better than we ever expected. As I sad before, quality of service, starting from ease of booking to pickup from our hotel to actual tour and food was excellent. The food itself was much much better than we ever had anywhere and from really old historical food joints. The oldest food place was in business for 120 years !!

Then there was the sightseeing part in older and crowded part of Delhi, visit to the bird hospital, time spent with pottery artisans and delicious food at every stop. All these experience, sights, smells and flavours were mind blowingly good. We could not have discovered even a fraction of this if we were on our own.. It was a completely different experience from all the guided tours that I’ve taken till now and probably the best too. If you have even one day in Delhi, do this tour. You’ll not regert it.” #foodwalks #tourism #foodtour #cookingclass #india #food #delhi #travel #cooking
from India Food Tour

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